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2/28/2004 -Boromir/Aragorn 2

Music: “The Space Between”

Music by: Dave Matthews Band

Runtime: 4:40 Size: 13.2MB

Download Full Vid Here

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  1. Laura McEwan says:

    :clap: This was shown at Con*Strict in July. I am a huge Dave Matthews Band fan (My website is titled Cry Freedom after one of their songs, and I have a fic titled “The Space Between”).

    At any rate, when the vid started at the show, I was around the wall curtain, on the phone with my husband. I heard the music and ran back out, where everyone laughed at me for my sudden appearance!

    I loved this; it fit so well with these two characters; brava and well done!

  2. Nadja Lee says:

    Wonderful work. I love your Boromir/Aragorn vids. (Just wanted to mention that again here at your website ‘laughs’). :love:

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