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3/12/2004 -Boromir/Aragorn 5

Music: “I Hate Everything About You”

Music by: Three Days Grace

Runtime: 3:57 Size: 16.8 MB

Download Full Vid Here

5 Responses

  1. Danielle says:

    OMG:eek:! That as amazing! I loved this vid:thud:, I didn’t like the song all that much, but now it sounds so cool, ‘why do I love you?’:?:. Good question dear…And those images, all of it was so harmonic. I loved, really. You said in another comment that you love Boromir and Sean Bean, well I can’t blame you when I love them so much, and my heart still aches everytime I remember Amon Hen:cry:…
    PS: I can’t speak English, so please forgive my mistakes, I just needed to say that to you: Perfect

  2. Nadja Lee says:

    You know I adore you and your work!
    I’ve missed you! I hope you’re doing well.:love:

  3. Jenn says:

    Thanks,Danielle! I cannot believe I didn’t see your comment earlier. I’m so gld you like it, as this is one of my favorite B/A vids I’ve made. The song really fit with the guys and again, I’m glad you liked it. :smile: And yes, I absolutely love Sean/Boromir. :love:

  4. Jenn says:

    Love, I have missed you so much. Any word on the zine? I have my checkbook at the ready. *smothers with hugs* :love::love::love:

  5. Arty says:

    Omg that video rocks!! I am not a B/A shipper but i still loved it!!!

    Song rocks too!!

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