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6/22/2004 -Relationship Vids 2

Music: “Everytime”

Music by: Britney Spears

Runtime: 3:48 Size: 15.2MB

Download Full Vid Here

I heard this song once before making this vid. There was something haunting about the lyric, “What have I done?” that just made me think of Arwen’s vision. This is one of my only “true” relationship vids (other than the B/A vids) and I think it shows Aragorn and Arwen in an accurate light.

2 Responses

  1. Shadow says:

    How can no one say this was great! I enjoyed it so much! You should continue! I love the chemistry between Aragorn and Arwen! Great job!!!:eek::thud::love::nod::thud:

  2. Jenn says:

    Thanks! I just happened to hear that song on the radio and BOOM!! The vid made itself, really. Even though I’m not a complete A/A shipper, they ARE canon and the ARE great together. :thud:

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