Star Wars EP III–Not Enough

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Star Wars EP III–Not Enough

5/24/2005 -Star Wars Vids 6

Music: Not Enough

Music by: Our Lady Peace

Runtime: 4:28 Size: 18 MB

Download Full Vid Here

This is my first full Star Wars vid. After seeing Ep. III, I found myself sympathizing with Anakin (maybe a bit too much). I wanted the vid to show some of the reasons for his descent. I hope the message got across.

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  1. Ashley says: trying to download it on my crappy computer!

  2. Kate says:

    Wonderful–it fits Anakin very well, and it makes me sympathize with him a lot (except for that whole younglings thing… ;)).:clap:

  3. Jenn says:

    Thanks, Ashley and Kate. (Well, Ashley for your kind words on LJ and Kate here…hehe) I completely agree about the younglings. It still hurts my heart to think about it. I guess without that act, I and many others would have been TOO sympathetic toward Anakin. :cry:

  4. Victoria says:

    :clap: :clap:
    This is an incredible video. The imagery, the technical transitions… it all comes together to make an awesome video! One of my favorite elements of it is the music. In fact, I have a question about that- I noticed that you listed the title of the song as “Not Enough”. I’ve searched the internet for it, but whenever I find it, it plays some other song (a song that’s also by Our Lady Peace). This site is one of many that carries their song “Not Enough” but it’s the other song that I mentioned: :cry: I’d love to know if you have any ideas of where I might find this song on the internet. Isn’t it called “Not Enough”? :cry:

  5. Jenn says:

    Thanks, Victoria, for your kind words.:wink2: The song is, indeed, “Not Enough” from the Gravity cd. I’m not familiar with sites your can get music from, but I would recommend the cd wholeheartedly. There are many great songs on it. If you download music, I’m sure it’s available P2P. Let me know what you come up with, maybe I can figure out how to Upload an mp3 :wink2:

  6. Anna says:

    I loved this vid. I mean really loved it. I´ve never even seen EPIII or remember much of the other Star Wars movies. It´s great that you don´t have to be much of a fan to understand it and to relate to the character, and it´s only a few videos that is like that. Really great work on this one.

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