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HP Recs

8/26/2005 -HP Recs 0

Vid Title: Mad World

Author: Di

Site: Return to Innocence

Notes: This remains the ultimate Harry Potter Vid for me. The song, the editing, the mood–all perfect. I bawled for days after watching this.

Vid Title: Clocks

Author: Di

Site: Return to Innocence

Notes: Di describes it as “POA in 5 Minutes” but it’s even more impressive than that. The editing is spot-on, quick, and clever. It’s clear she knows the movie inside and out.

Vid Title: Killer in Me

Author: Lenna

Site: Return to Innocence

Notes: Perfect song about Harry and Tom. Music is by Smashing Pumpkins and the feel of the vid is dark and dramatic. You will get chills watching this vid.

Vid Title: Please, Please, Please

Author: Marie

Site: Wild Swan’s Pond

Notes: It’s impossible not to feel for Harry after watching this vid. The editiing is sweeping and grand while the music inspires a mix of longing, pain, and hope.

Vid Title: Dust In The Wind

Author: Ana

Site:Lost in a Swoon of Peace

Notes: Another Harry Potter vid, but unlike the rest. For us older fans, this song alone can be very moving. Ana did a GREAT job using it for this vid and this is only one of the many vids this new vidder has created that I adore.

Vid Title: Mr. Brightside

Author: Linda

Site: Magic Three TV Station

Notes: Harry, Ron, Hermione vid. Full of energy, fun, shippiness, great editing, perfect use of “speed up” clips. The clip used at 2:27 is the best use of any one clip EVER!