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8/26/2005 -LOTR recs 0

Vid Title: Duel of the Istari

Author: Muse

Site: There And Back Again

Notes: I first saw this wonderful vid when it was an entry in the Magical3 TV Awards. Aside from it being an entertaining vid, it meshes two of my major fandoms in a subtle and very skillful way. Sometimes it’s difficult to vid an instrumental, but you’d never know it watching this epic piece!

Vid Title: #1 Crush

Author: Melissa

Site: Euphonies

Notes: I might be a little biased, but this edgy Aragorn/Boromir vid is moody, dark, and excellent. Slash fan or not, a must see.

Vid Title: Return to Me

Author: Ashinae

Site: Drawn to the Rhythm

Notes: The vid that started it all. This was one of the first fanvids I ever watched and it completely captivated me. Pure emotion and heartfelt longing are created perfectly.

Vid Title: If You Could Only See

Author: Melissa

Site: Euphonies

Notes: Melissa is the Queen of AU Faramir/Eowyn vids. This vid is so well edited that it’s hard to imagine it didn’t really happen this way.

Vid Title: ROTKDream

Author: Frozen Tears

Site: Frozen Tears Video Productions

Notes: This vid is amazing. It’s trailer-style, dreamlike, powerful, and gorgeous. Perfect use of the music and clips.

Vid Title: The Addams Family

Author: ViDawn

Site: VidDawn’s Video Productions

Notes: This vid was made for the very first SYQ Challenge. I fell in love with it the very first time I saw it and have watched it countless times over the last year and a half. Looking for a humorous, well-edited vid? This is it!

Vid Title: Can’t Change Me

Author: Ben

Site: BenVids

Notes: A perfect character vid about Galadriel. This was Ben’s first full-length vid and we were still figuring out WMM. If watched at 50%, this vid is damn near flawless. The sync between lyrics and clips is astonishing. This is truly a one-of-a-kind vid.

Vid Title: I Will Find You

Author: Shazzer

Site: …know from dreams

Notes: Another great AU vid. I appreciate the canonical relationship of Eowyn and Faramir, but I wouldn’t it a ship of mine. This vid, however, may well change that. The song itself is a loving and romantic song, but the vid follows it in almost a trance-like way. The AU storyline is played out so well that it’s impossible to not want these two to find each other. This is just a truly beautiful vid.