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4/21/2006 Doctor Who Vids 3

wonder.gif Music: Falling

Music by: Ben Kweller

Runtime: 4:06 Size: 21.8 MB

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This vid uses footage from all of Season 1 (2005).

Is it redundant to call a Doctor Who vid A/U? I’m thinking it is. I also make no apologies for the vid having no real timeline, as that is the premise of the show *g*. I’m a total shipper here, and this is as giddy as I get, but only the Ninth Doctor does it for me, so I don’t know how many more Doctor Who vids there will be. We’ll see :wink2:

3 Responses

  1. eternalblue81 says:

    This vid is my absolute favorite with Nine/Rose. The clips used never fail to make me smile and they work great with the upbeat song. :smile:

  2. Nadja Lee says:

    Great vid! Loved it. ‘hugs’ Any chance of a Doc/Jack or Rose/Jack or just in general a Jack vid? ‘hopeful look’ ‘hugs’

  3. Jenn says:

    As much as I love Jack (and especially Jack/Ianto), I’ve quit vidding. Even with my new computer, I just don’t have the vision to make any vids. If I ever stumble upon a song for Jack, I’ll certainly try :) Have you tried Fanvid-Recs? There are a few great Torchwood vids listed.

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