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Doctor Who Vid!

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Doctor Who Vid!

5/7/2006 Updates 4

I just finished my second (and likely last) Doctor Who vid. Why should you watch if you’re not a fan of The Doctor? The song is by Keane, it’s new, and it’s awesome. I got it stuck in my head after one listen, and that almost never happens to me.

In interactive news, Katie and Aimee have started a new Vidding Message Board. Head over to Reverie to talk vids…but only if you’re nice :wink2:

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  1. stephen says:


  2. stephen says:

    hi i just havin a :smoke:

  3. stephen says:

    i think doctor who should be a bit more funny and scary it is good now though i’d give it a :wink:

  4. stephen says:

    yey for doctor who :clap:

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