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7/10/2006 Doctor Who Vids 3

Music: “Atlantic” by Keane

Music by: Keane

Runtime: 4:02 Size: 21.1MB

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This vid uses footage from Series Two, primarily Episodes 12 and 13. This is probably my “least-edited” vid ever, but for a reason. When I first heard the song, I KNEW it would be my only Tenth Doctor vid and that once the season was over, if the spoilers held true, it would be just like this. I hope you enjoy it, and needless to say, really, *MAJOR SPOILERS FOR SERIES 2*

3 Responses

  1. sam4u23 says:

    I have dealeted the doctor who vieos of of youtube and i am sorry for taking credit for you work.


  2. Breanne says:

    This is one of the best Doctor Who vids I have found. It depresses me every time. But, in a good way if that makes any sense.

    Thank you oh so very much for making it. I will cherish it always.

  3. eternalblue81 says:

    Wow. I cannot ever hear this song again and not associate it with the painful separation of the Doctor and Rose. From the very beginning with the Doctor overlay with the rocks on the beach, to the “forever” moment, so many scenes emotionally fit so perfectly with the song. On two separate occasions, I cried a tear at the same time as the Doctor at 2:38; the culmination of both emotion and music always gets me. A depressing vid, to be sure, but one of my favorites. I absolutely love it.

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