New Ronon Dex Vid –

New Ronon Dex Vid

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New Ronon Dex Vid

9/17/2006 Updates 2

I finally got some time to vid and I came up with a kicky little SGA vid, “Riot”. I’d say this is by far my least story-driven vid, but it was fun to make and I only wish the song was a bit longer. I didn’t want to cut each scene too short, but there’s a LOT more I wanted to include. Maybe I’ll find another song for Ronon soon and do it all again! Hope you like it!

2 Responses

  1. indiecowboy says:

    Cool…very action packed. Nice effects. He’s wearing a browncoat! Hmmm…wonder if he’s doing any Firefly homages? :wink:

  2. frivvy says:

    Heya Hun, not been about much. I’ll have to catch up with all your latest this weekend. Hope you’re having fun, huggses. frivvy. XXXx

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