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9/17/2006 Stargate: Atlantis Vids 3

Music: Riot (One use of F-bomb)

Music by: Three Days Grace

Runtime: 3:27 Size:18.9 MB

Download Full Vid Here

Use the text link to download the entire vid.

It’s almost difficult for me to call this a vid, as it’s more a mishmash or Ronon highlights set to a most basic premise. I had a clear idea for this vid until “Sateda” came along. That episode made me see Ronon in even more of a “One-Man-Riot” capacity and I just couldn’t make myself vid my original idea anymore. If anything, I think the vid is even more focused this way, and I know it’s my most action-type vid to date. I left more “talking” scenes in because, hey, Ronon’s lips are so damn sexy and anything to draw attention to that…. The beginning is also a little bit of a cop-out, but the credits are just so pretty and most of the footage I used has a blue tint to it, so I couldn’t think of a more appropriate opening sequence.
If you want to see a lot of kickass and only a little angst, this is the Ronon vid for you! :lol:

3 Responses

  1. Fiona says:

    Oh cool Ronon vid….. As always with your work flawless editing and excellent use of clips and lyrics…. And how apt was that song.

    Really liked it.:clap::wink:


  2. Nadja Lee says:

    Great vid! Ronon is such a cool and great character. I love him to bits as I do your work. Great song, great scenes…amazing work! How about more Ronon…also Ronon relationship vids…like slashy ones? ‘he,he’
    Again; great work! You’re a Goddess! ‘hugs and kisses’ :bubbly:

  3. Nadja Lee says:

    Great work. Love the song, the scenes and Ronon is a fav. character of mine. More vids with him, please…how about some relationship ones…also slashy ones? ‘he,he’
    Again, a masterpiece I’ll save for rewatching. Thanks much for making this! ‘hugs and kisses’ You’re a Goddess! :bubbly:

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