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11/24/2007 Robin Hood Vids 1

BluesMusic: Gotta Be Somebody’s Blues

Music by: Jimmy Eat World

Runtime: 4:46 Size:25.7 MB

Download Full Vid Here

Basically, Robin returns from the Holy Land, sees the injustice being done in England, and has a brief crisis of conscious. Throughout all his good doings, he never forgets his love of Marian, and the ending could be seen as an alternate ending to Series 1, but I don’t think it’s as bleak as it seems. :wink2:

Possible spoilers up to Series 2, Episode 7.

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  1. Nadja Lee says:

    Great work! Makes me want to watch it. I should be able to take BBC…I think. Hmm…It’s just called Robin Hood? And it has two seasons so far? I will see if I can find it. Thanks for sharing. ‘hugs’ :love:

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