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Welcome To The Archive

It’s time. After a few good years of making fanvids, I no longer have the technology, time, talent, or vision to make more. I’ve had a blast making vids and I’ve met the most tremendous people through vidding. I’m leaving the site as is because I hate broken links and there are sites linking here…
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7/14/2008 7

Love, love love

I’m in love with Robin Hood. My first RH vid is now available, and it’s an introductory vid for the series. I made it to show to my friends and family who haven’t seen the show yet, but need an idea what to expect. I figure the lack of humor in the vid will make…
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11/24/2007 0


Music: Gotta Be Somebody’s Blues Music by: Jimmy Eat World Runtime: 4:46 Size:25.7 MB Download Full Vid Here

11/24/2007 1


All of my LOTR vids are listed into subgroups. I hope you enjoy them!

8/27/2007 0


Thank you so much to whoever nominated two of my vids for the Stargate Fan Awards. I’m seriously honored, but unfortunately, I have to decline my nominations “Lonely Day” was last year’s winner for the Best Ronon Character vid, so it’s not eligible this year. “Major” was made in 2004 and I can name at…
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8/15/2007 0

New Heroes Vid

After nearly 40 renderings, I have added my newest vid to the Heroes page. “Hold On” is what I call a General/BroYay vid because of the way the season and the song turned out. I’ve been accused of over-thinking my vids, and I hope this one isn’t representative of that! :razz: I tried to include…
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7/29/2007 0

Hold On

Music: Hold On Music by: Korn Runtime: 3:11 Size:16.9 MB Download Full Vid Here Use the text link to download the entire vid.

7/29/2007 0

Mischief Managed

F-R’s server problems seem to be over. Yay! In overdue vidding news, I’ve just found a song I’m going to vid to. It’s going to be a Heroes vid, so stay tuned!

7/25/2007 0

Flames! Flames! On the side of my face. . .

The title of this post is a Clue reference if you didn’t know. My other site, is going through server hell right now. I’m being told that after a weeklong up/down/up/down spell, it will be at least two days before the problem is solved. I’m FURIOUS. I am so sorry for the inconvenience and…
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7/16/2007 0

New Vid! New Fandom!

I finished my first Heroes vid! “Misunderstood” is a silly look at Niki/Jessica and I had a lot of fun making it. I would love to make more Heroes vids, but I am absolutely stumped at finding music that I like. I’m not sure if my next vid will be Heroes, SGA, or something altogether…
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2/5/2007 3