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by on Jul.14, 2008, under Updates

It’s time. After a few good years of making fanvids, I no longer have the technology, time, talent, or vision to make more. I’ve had a blast making vids and I’ve met the most tremendous people through vidding. I’m leaving the site as is because I hate broken links and there are sites linking here that I want to maintain.

I’d say that my best vids, for anyone who stumbles upon this post, are: Speed of Sound, Crestfallen, Lonely Day, Is It Any Wonder , How It Ends, and LOST. There are tons more, but these are the best received of the bunch.

Need a really cool player to watch all your vids? Join the Social and get a Zune! Mine is Hobstar and I’d love to add you to my Social! You can find me as ZeroMuch. :wink2:

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Love, love love

by on Nov.24, 2007, under Updates

I’m in love with Robin Hood. My first RH vid is now available, and it’s an introductory vid for the series. I made it to show to my friends and family who haven’t seen the show yet, but need an idea what to expect. I figure the lack of humor in the vid will make for a pleasant surprise when they see how many chuckles they get out of the show. :lol: Hope you like it!

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by on Nov.24, 2007, under Robin Hood Vids

BluesMusic: Gotta Be Somebody’s Blues

Music by: Jimmy Eat World

Runtime: 4:46 Size:25.7 MB

Download Full Vid Here

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by on Aug.27, 2007, under LOTR

All of my LOTR vids are listed into subgroups. I hope you enjoy them!

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by on Aug.15, 2007, under Updates

Thank you so much to whoever nominated two of my vids for the Stargate Fan Awards. I’m seriously honored, but unfortunately, I have to decline my nominations :cry: “Lonely Day” was last year’s winner for the Best Ronon Character vid, so it’s not eligible this year. “Major” was made in 2004 and I can name at least 20 vids off the top of my head that are technically more brilliant and more in line with what most fans seem to enjoy. It’s not that I’m not proud of “Major”, as it is one of my personal favorites, but I’m declining so as to not tie up viewers from enjoying newer, “cooler” vids. :wink2:

Thanks again, though, for taking your time to nominate my vids. It REALLY made me happy. :love:

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New Heroes Vid

by on Jul.29, 2007, under Updates

After nearly 40 renderings, I have added my newest vid to the Heroes page. “Hold On” is what I call a General/BroYay vid because of the way the season and the song turned out. I’ve been accused of over-thinking my vids, and I hope this one isn’t representative of that! :razz: I tried to include as many characters as I could, and I’m sorry if anyone’s favorite Hero didn’t make the final cut. *psst* Claude made the cut :wink2:

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Hold On

by on Jul.29, 2007, under Heroes Vids

0hold.jpgMusic: Hold On

Music by: Korn

Runtime: 3:11 Size:16.9 MB

Download Full Vid Here

Use the text link to download the entire vid.

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Mischief Managed

by on Jul.25, 2007, under Updates

F-R’s server problems seem to be over. Yay!

In overdue vidding news, I’ve just found a song I’m going to vid to. It’s going to be a Heroes vid, so stay tuned!

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Flames! Flames! On the side of my face. . .

by on Jul.16, 2007, under Updates

The title of this post is a Clue reference if you didn’t know. My other site, is going through server hell right now. I’m being told that after a weeklong up/down/up/down spell, it will be at least two days before the problem is solved.

I’m FURIOUS. I am so sorry for the inconvenience and I’m pissed that I can’t even say as much on a temp page for F-R. This outage also affects Perfect Harmony as well as some family sites hosted on the same server. Admins are working hard to restore things, I know, but there should have been a temporary solution, and for that, may they BURN.

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New Vid! New Fandom!

by on Feb.05, 2007, under Updates

I finished my first Heroes vid! “Misunderstood” is a silly look at Niki/Jessica and I had a lot of fun making it. I would love to make more Heroes vids, but I am absolutely stumped at finding music that I like. I’m not sure if my next vid will be Heroes, SGA, or something altogether unexpected.

“Save the vidder, save the world!”

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