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Fanvids by JennMiller: LOTR, SGA, LOST, Doctor Who, Star Wars, and more!

There And Back Again

Music: “Thirty-Three” Music by: Smashing Pumpkins Runtime: 4:15 Size: 12.2MB Download Full Vid Here

4/25/2005 8


Music: “Everytime” Music by: Britney Spears Runtime: 3:48 Size: 15.2MB Download Full Vid Here

6/22/2004 2

I’ll Stand By You

Music: “I’ll Stand By You” Music by: The Pretenders Runtime: 3:58 Size: 35.7MB Download Full Vid Here

5/1/2004 1


Music: “Letting the Cables Sleep” Music by: Bush Runtime: 4:36 Size: 16.2MB Download Full Vid Here

4/30/2004 0


Music: Today Music by: Smashing Pumpkins Runtime: 3:31 Size: 15.3MB Download Full Vid Here

4/11/2004 0

Remember When

Frodo and Gandalf, no slash implied. This vid was created for my parents. Music: Remember When Music by: Alan Jackson Runtime: 4:36 Size: 28.9MB Download Full Vid Here

3/20/2004 0