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New Ronon Dex Vid

I finally got some time to vid and I came up with a kicky little SGA vid, “Riot”. I’d say this is by far my least story-driven vid, but it was fun to make and I only wish the song was a bit longer. I didn’t want to cut each scene too short, but there’s…
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9/17/2006 2

New Look

I’m bored with the look here at I’ll be reworking things in the coming weeks, so if things start to look a little wonky, that’s why I’ll also be vidding again…SOON. Now that work has settled down a bit, I’ll have the time to do my next vid…SGA for those wondering.

9/10/2006 1

I’m a Liar

I said I’d never make a Tenth Doctor vid, but I *had* to make this one. “Alone” is the kind of vid that I can’t seem to get away from–sad, angsty, slow… The vid is, of course, spoilery for Series 2 of Doctor Who, but if you’ve seen all the eps, please check it out…
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7/10/2006 0


I received a lovely award from Intoxicating Awards for “Falling”! Round Two is just starting up, so go enter and/or just enjoy all the vids! Thanks, IceBreaker!

6/16/2006 1

Doctor Who Vid!

I just finished my second (and likely last) Doctor Who vid. Why should you watch if you’re not a fan of The Doctor? The song is by Keane, it’s new, and it’s awesome. I got it stuck in my head after one listen, and that almost never happens to me. In interactive news, Katie and…
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5/7/2006 4

New Fandom!

I just added a Doctor Who page. I’m a little late getting to the party, but better late than never, eh? This is a giddy little vid I made of the Ninth Doctor and Rose and don’t say I didn’t warn you that it’s nothing but fluff.

4/21/2006 2


This public service announcement is for vidders and everyone who appreciates the hard work that goes into creating vids. Clip theft has been a problem for quite a while, but now we’re having to deal with full-out VID theft. Thankfully, I haven’t had to deal with it on a grand scale, but sadly, I know…
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4/7/2006 0

Change is good–right?

I made some cosmetic changes to some of the pages here at ZeroMuch–just a main header change and a few background zooooms. If you don’t like it, let me know. I have absolutely no eye for what looks good, so feel free to “let me have it”. Edit: 4/1/06 Well, it seems that at least…
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3/26/2006 3

Wow! An Award!

Thanks a TON to Abandoned Dreams Awards for selecting “Time is Running Out” as Best Use of Song! If you watch Project Runway, you’ll get this reference: I felt a little like Daniel Franco in the lingerie challenge…lovemaking Jack.Locke.Hatch. How could that be wrong? I knew it couldn’t be wrong. Hee! I think “Time is…
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3/15/2006 2

As promised

I made my first new vid in a couple of months. It’s been far too long since my last SGA vid and I hope this makes up for the delay, at least a little bit. Check out “Lonely Day” on the Stargate: Atlantis page!

2/10/2006 2