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Fanvids by JennMiller: LOTR, SGA, LOST, Doctor Who, Star Wars, and more!

New Vid Coming!

I *just* got a great idea for a new Stargate: Atlantis vid.  It should take me a little bit of time to complete it, though.  I expect to have it finished by the end of the week.  For anyone interested, it’s an angsty Ronon Dex vid set to System of a Down’s “Lonely Day” and…
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2/6/2006 0

New Lost Vid

I’ve finally made a new vid! “Believe In Me” is pure Eko. The song is somewhat mysterious, deep, and well suited for my favorite Tailie. I hope you like the vid and you can find it on the LOST Vids page

12/8/2005 1


Thanks to Mike from SWMVAs for the awards for my Star Wars vid “Fix You”. I almost NEVER enter contests and I am extremely flattered by the awards. Thanks again, and I’m glad you liked it

11/14/2005 2 Open!

I just started a new site,, to honor the vids that I would like to recommend to everyone. It’s an open site which means submissions for recommendations will be accepted from anyone, for any fandom. As a matter of fact, the tagline is “Everyday people honoring excellence in vidding”! There are very few rules,…
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11/7/2005 3

Awards and Recs!

Round 2 of the M3 TV Station Awards has just ended and the winners are posted! I really look forward to seeing even more vids in Round 3! Linda continues to run a class act of a site and I really want to thank her for the opportunity to be introduced to such great vidders!…
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10/19/2005 0


I’m unbelievably flattered that my Star Wars vid “Incomplete” was awarded Video Of The Month by Angie at Broken Wings! You can check out the beautiful award and her fabulous site by visiting the Awards page!

10/12/2005 3

Lost Vid

I finally made a new LOST vid! This is almost an episodic vid, though it spans three episodes. Locke, Jack, and the hatch are the focus of this one. The song is by Muse and I think the tone of the vid matches up pretty well with the show. I hope you enjoy Time Is…
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10/11/2005 0

New Old Vid

After waiting entirely too long, I finally re-edited “Overcome” which is a vid using only ROTK scenes. The pacing is deliberately slow and although I waited a long time to complete it, I’m very pleased with it. Since the vid has been recognized by Muse and Frozen Tears, I hope they enjoy the newer version.…
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9/25/2005 0


You’ll find a new LOST rec by Di on the recs page. This is a full out action vid focusing on Jack. I don’t know how she does it, but I swear Jack gets hotter with every vid Di makes. This is definitely a keeper just for the editing (especially the sequence you’ll know when…
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9/23/2005 0


I’m currently changing the hosting for some of the vids here on ZeroMuch. If you happen to come across a vid that isn’t active, please check back soon, as re-uploading the vids is taking quite a bit of time. I apologize for any inconvenience. EDIT: All vids should be working now. Please let me know…
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9/20/2005 0