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Minor Changes

I’ve made a few minor cosmetic changes, and more are on the way. I don’t think the vid I mentioned is going to happen–at least not until Season 2. For now, I’ve tried to customize each Category just a bit. I still have a few to go, but it’s been really fun making the changes.…
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4/16/2005 3

Next Up

I’m slowly but surely working on a Stargate: Atlantis Lt. Ford vid. “Lose My Breath” may be my most ambitious vid yet, and I’ll complete it as quickly as possible. [Edit: 4/01/05 It looks like the vid has been put on hold while I battle the IRS :roll:]

3/14/2005 1

New Lost Vid

Added new LOST vid, Wither. This is a Charlie vid focusing on his addiction and the concern that everyone around him shares.

3/4/2005 2

Update for Upgrade

Just a quick note to say that I’ve upgraded the version of WP I use for the site. If anything looks a little wonky, just “Reload” or “Refresh” the page and it should go back to something resembling normal. I’ve also enabled Gravatar in the comments, so if you have a gravatar, let’s see it!

2/27/2005 4

New HP Vid

Added “Made Of Steel” to the Misc. Movie Vids page. I used this song for an early Riddick vid, but the lyrics are just as applicable to Sirius/Remus, I think. I struggle with Harry Potter vids, but I promised Di I would try to make this one. So, this is for Di and all the…
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2/15/2005 0