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Flames! Flames! On the side of my face. . .

The title of this post is a Clue reference if you didn’t know. My other site, is going through server hell right now. I’m being told that after a weeklong up/down/up/down spell, it will be at least two days before the problem is solved. I’m FURIOUS. I am so sorry for the inconvenience and…
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7/16/2007 0

New Vid! New Fandom!

I finished my first Heroes vid! “Misunderstood” is a silly look at Niki/Jessica and I had a lot of fun making it. I would love to make more Heroes vids, but I am absolutely stumped at finding music that I like. I’m not sure if my next vid will be Heroes, SGA, or something altogether…
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2/5/2007 3

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who voted for my vid in The 2006 Stargate Fan Awards. It really means a lot to me, and I’m just really glad you liked my first Ronon vid!

11/28/2006 2

I Would Meet Him!

I just added my first Stargate: SG-1 vid! I love Baal. I have since the first time I saw him, so it’s only fitting that my first SG-1 vid is a Baal vid. It’s hard finding a song befitting a god, so I chose a song more aligned with his current state. And, yes, I…
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11/6/2006 0

New Look

I had major problems getting this theme to load in IE 7. Actually, I had major problems with javascript in general in IE 7 and spent all day looking for a fix even though I use Firefox. If you can’t get the site to load properly, please let me know. New look: Love it? HATE…
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11/3/2006 0