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Fanvids by JennMiller: LOTR, SGA, LOST, Doctor Who, Star Wars, and more!

New Vid Coming!

I *just* got a great idea for a new Stargate: Atlantis vid.  It should take me a little bit of time to complete it, though.  I expect to have it finished by the end of the week.  For anyone interested, it’s an angsty Ronon Dex vid set to System of a Down’s “Lonely Day” and…
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2/6/2006 0

New Lost Vid

I’ve finally made a new vid! “Believe In Me” is pure Eko. The song is somewhat mysterious, deep, and well suited for my favorite Tailie. I hope you like the vid and you can find it on the LOST Vids page

12/8/2005 1


Thanks to Mike from SWMVAs for the awards for my Star Wars vid “Fix You”. I almost NEVER enter contests and I am extremely flattered by the awards. Thanks again, and I’m glad you liked it

11/14/2005 2 Open!

I just started a new site,, to honor the vids that I would like to recommend to everyone. It’s an open site which means submissions for recommendations will be accepted from anyone, for any fandom. As a matter of fact, the tagline is “Everyday people honoring excellence in vidding”! There are very few rules,…
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11/7/2005 3

Awards and Recs!

Round 2 of the M3 TV Station Awards has just ended and the winners are posted! I really look forward to seeing even more vids in Round 3! Linda continues to run a class act of a site and I really want to thank her for the opportunity to be introduced to such great vidders!…
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10/19/2005 0